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Ecological mosquito solution Ecological mosquito solution Ecological mosquito solution

Mosquito Traps

Protect your yard or parks against mosquito bites

The latest Biogent traps technology is based on over 20 years of entomology research (the study of insects, their behaviour and their sense of smell) to end your fight against mosquitoes and black flies, while being environmentally friendly. In fact, none of these traps use pesticides or insecticides.

Choose Biogent traps to fight mosquitoes and black flies, both inside and outside, and enjoy the summer like never before.

What Professional's choose

Innovation does not stop there : Biogent models are also used by many scientists and entomologists to carefully observe and study different species of mosquitoes. Whatever the needs, Biogent traps can be used as the most effective solution.

Ecological mosquito trap

Residential and professional mosquito traps

Mosquito traps for professionals and large areas

Mosquito traps for professionals and large areas

The BG—SENTINEL 2 trap, , equipped with a check valve and an ingenious CO2 diffuser, is a sensation in the scientific and industrial fields. Not only will mosquitoes be intact and suitable for study when captured, but they will also not be able to escape from the bag in the event of a power failure. The catch bag, which can cover an area of up to 5 000 feet, is easily folded and stored.

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Residential mosquito traps

Residential Mosquito traps

The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap is designed for the home. Made of rigid plastic, it will keep the same efficiency over the years, in addition to withstanding the weather. This discreet model with dark colours will blend into your backyard’s decor. That's not all : The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap allows installing four separate traps to ensure utmost peace of mind.

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How our mosquito traps work

How our mosquito traps work

Never have to choose between an effective product or an environmentally friendly product. With Biogent mosquito traps, get exceptional results and fight off mosquitos effortlessly, in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The traps’ black and white contrast, vertical air convection, and mixing of human sweat and CO2 odours will get rid of mosquitoes in your yard or terrace for good.

By reproducing some human attractants, the trap quickly attracts mosquitoes to it, confining them in the catch bag.

These catches also prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.

With a meticulous installation and a well-chosen location, you will quickly notice the absence of mosquitoes and their annoying bites. Your evenings outside will be quite comfortable.

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