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Information on the Range of Biogent Mosquito Traps

Never have to choose between an effective product or an environmentally friendly product. With Biogent mosquito traps, get exceptional results and fight off mosquitos effortlessly, in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The traps’ black and white contrast, vertical air convection, and mixing of human sweat and CO2 odours will get rid of mosquitoes in your yard or terrace for good.

By reproducing some human attractants, the trap quickly attracts mosquitoes to it, confining them in the catch bag.

These catches also prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.

With a meticulous installation and a well-chosen location, you will quickly notice the absence of mosquitoes and their annoying bites. Your evenings outside will be quite comfortable.

The Capture TechniqueMosquito trap capture technique

First, Biogent products’ technology aims to attract mosquitoes to the fan, which will then suck them into a catch bag under an air inlet. To do this, you can count on a fragrant bag placed under the outgoing airstream reproducing human body odours, but also on the trap’s black background on its pale surface, a contrast that quickly attracts mosquitoes.

When they are sucked in by the fan, the airflow is deflected, before heading towards the white cover to exit. An adequate air circulation that even mimics that produced by humans.

For even more surprising results, the air coming out of the carbon dioxide trap can be improved to attract more insects.

Mosquito trap capture technique

Scientifically Proven Technology

This innovative technology is the result of over 16 years of research by the University of Regensburg in Germany. Since then, over 300 publications have praised its effectiveness throughout the world.

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