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The BG-Sentinel

Eco-friendly mosquito trap for large areasThe BG-Sentinel trap was the first Biogent trap model and is now quoted as a benchmark for mosquito capture. With sophisticated technology to keep captured insects intact, the trap quickly became a must for many scientists, health professionals and epidemiologists. Whether to study mosquito populations, control areas at risk of infestation by foreign species, or to detect diseases that may emerge, the BG-Sentinel trap is the one to depend on.

Optimal storage of mosquitoes for analysis is made possible by a catch bag located above the fan.

Depending on the needs, the BG-Sentinel can provide a carbon dioxide diffuser, various odorous substances, or a multitude of other attractant products, always with the aim of offering professionals the greatest versatility.

The BG-Sentinel has the same high standards of capture performance and operating principles as the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 for residential use.

The BG-CO2 timer

BG-CO2 timer, Ecological and economical mosquito trapTo achieve significant CO2 savings while having the same insect protection, the BG-CO2 timer stands out as the perfect addition to your mosquito trap.

It allows you to establish a personalized CO2 emission schedule that matches your needs, to keep mosquitoes away at predetermined times.

UV resistant, install the BG-CO2 timer’s plastic casing outside and control its emissions yourself with the control keys on the screen, directly connected to the connections for the CO2 conduits.

This tool is also compatible with all Biogent traps.

Equipped with a 9V battery (not supplied), it allows :

BG-CO2 Set

BG-CO2 kit, Ecological and economical mosquito trapThe CO2 module diffuses pure carbon dioxide thanks to the holder specifically developed for Biogent traps (flow reducing filters not required). Pressure is adjustable according to needs and seasonal conditions.

Therefore, when you consider that insect nuisance is low, a diffusion of 0.2 kg per day (blue code on the gauge) will be sufficient. However, when discomfort is greater (from normal to strong), set the diffusion rate to 0.5 kg per day (red code on the gauge).

The CO2 module comes with all necessary accessories : A 5-metre CO2 conduit, a CO2 diffusion lance, a regulator with a pressure gauge. The CO2 bottles are extra.

Ideally, get 10 kg (at least 6 kg) CO2 bottles similar to those used by restaurateurs for soft drink vending machines. You can find them at specialized retailers (for sale or rent).

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