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BG-Mosquitaire CO2

Residential ecological mosquito trapsIn terms of keep mosquitoes away, the BG-Mosquitaire CO2‘s efficiency continues to prove itself, through advanced technology.

It combines an already innovative and refined capture principle with a skillful illusion technique.

The trap reproduces the CO2 released during human respiration and thus attracts the mosquitoes. Everything in the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 is designed to create the illusion of a human being : from the trap’s colour to its shape.

In addition to being equipped with an attractant that can be effective for several months, here are all the advantages of trusting the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 :

Location of the residential ecological mosquito trapTrap location

To keep mosquitoes away for good, there is only one detail to consider with Biogent products : the location of the trap.

Install it in the shade, away from the wind and near mosquito breeding areas, and your terrace will be mosquito- free from all summer.

The more the trap is set early in the season, the more remarkable the results will be.

Location of the residential ecological mosquito trap

BG-CO2 Set

BG-CO2 kit, Ecological and economical mosquito trapThe CO2 module diffuses pure carbon dioxide thanks to the holder specifically developed for Biogent traps (flow reducing filters not required). Pressure is adjustable according to needs and seasonal conditions.

Therefore, when you consider that insect nuisance is low, a diffusion of 0.2 kg per day (blue code on the gauge) will be sufficient. However, when discomfort is greater (from normal to strong), set the diffusion rate to 0.5 kg per day (red code on the gauge).

The CO2 module comes with all necessary accessories : A 5-metre CO2 conduit, a CO2 diffusion lance, a regulator with a pressure gauge. The CO2 bottles are extra.

Ideally, get 10 kg (at least 6 kg) CO2 bottles similar to those used by restaurateurs for soft drink vending machines. You can find them at specialized retailers (for sale or rent).

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